Governance, Policies, Annual Reports

This page describes the Governance of the Wendover Canal Trust, and includes our Policies and annual reports. Wendover Canal Trust is the operating name of the Wendover Arm Trust charity. Many downloads can be found at the foot of this page.

Governance – Our Volunteers

We are all volunteers. Sir David Suchet CBE, actor and canal enthusiast is the Trust’s Patron. He was guest of honour at the opening ceremony to mark the completion of phase 1 in 2005. Our President is Dr David Fletcher CBE, and our Vice-President is Roger Leishman.

The Trust is run by a Council of Trustee Directors who meet quarterly. The day-to-day operation of the Trust is delegated to the 6 “Group Heads” listed below, who meet on Zoom weekly:

​Clive Johnson – Chairman, also Webmaster, Social Media and Talks as part of Marketing
Peter Elwin – Deputy Chairman, Partnerships Director
Mike Beckley – Deputy Chairman, Head of Finance, Honorary Secretary
Paul Armstrong – Treasurer
Mikk Bradley – Site Manager
Bob Wheal – Head of Marketing

Mikk Bradley is not a Council member but is an observer. Mikk meets regularly with the “Team Leaders”, our most experienced restoration volunteers. He is formally represented on Council by:
Steve Chapman
William Mathew

Peter Lockett – Purchasing, is part of the Finance team

Bob Wheal’s Marketing team includes:
Peter Bird – Membership
Nigel Williams – Publicity
John Rowe – Walks
Jenny Brice – IWA Nominee, Minutes Secretary and Events
Carol Williams (assisted by Janine Jones) continues to edit the Newsletter but is not a Council member.

Governance – Aims and Rules, Memorandum, Articles


Annual Reports

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