Here is our growing collection of videos of the Wendover Canal – the most recent appear at the top. We hope you enjoy them!

Here’s a YouTube video from Gordon Findlay, that was taken very soon after the Towpath upgrade, from Wharf Road to Perch Bridge, Halton, was completed and opened to the Public. (10th October 2023).
Nice work Gordon.

Canal and River Trust (CRT) Chief Executive Richard Parry speaks to “CruisingtheCut” YouTuber David John.

The Canal & River Trust, the charitable organisation tasked with maintaining the navigations of England & Wales, gets a quarter of its budget from a government grant. It’s just been announced that grant is going to be cut from 2027 onwards, leaving the CRT with a huge hole in its finances, that needs to be plugged…..


This video is an introduction to our work – for specific details of our recent progress, see Boyd Williams’ videos below. In this video, Nigel Harper introduces, shows and explains what’s being achieved by the hard work of the Wendover Canal Trust Volunteers, restoring a canal near Tring, Herts, UK.

Nigel Harper, a serial YouTube vlogger, videoed a piece about the Wendover Canal. After discussion, WCT commissioned him to modify his video adding the text of the new Information leaflet ‘Wendover Canal – an Introduction‘, as the audio narrative. Effectively, the resulting video is the visual and audio reading of the leaflet

In February 2023 the Wendover Canal Trust Volunteers took some time away from relining the canal, instead resurfacing a trial section of the canal towpath near Little Tring to show what it could be like, and how much better it would be for potential users, if we could raise further funds.

This trial work was funded by Chilterns Conservation Board via Chilterns Access Funding from Defra: £10,000, and Hertfordshire County Council – via its Highways Locality Budget: £5,000. Thank you to our Volunteers and funders!

The Trust has been sent access to Videos of the Wendover Canal produced by Youtuber Stephen Court.
From his YouTube channel “Court Above The Cut“.

There are 2 videos that have a mixture of excellent factually accurate commentary given from the towpath, interlaced with Drone footage.
(From the unrestricted airspace zone).

The third is a Drone only footage from Bulbourne Junction to Little Tring. (From the unrestricted airspace zone.)


See the progress made this summer and autumn by the Wendover Canal Trust volunteers.

The work shown is near Little Tring, Herts, UK.
We’ve been digging out old ash dumped in the canal 100 years ago, installing more waterproof lining, and we’ve had visitors from the Waterway Recovery Group canal camps.

The latest update from WCT Volunteer Boyd Williams.

On Sunday 13th November  a  small team of Wendover Canal Trust volunteers placed almost 1000 heavy concrete blocks in a morning.

This video shows us placing 2 packs of them totalling 144, and was filmed by WCT Volunteer Kevin Bennett using a carefully placed phone.

A trip along the navigable stretch of the Wendover Arm Canal undertaken by YouTubers Adrian & Lynda from “Narrowboat Adventures”.

The next 2 show our ash excavation in August 2022.

The next four are summaries of our recent restoration progress by Boyd Williams, then our re-watering video, followed by a speeded-up video showing the use of our Bentomatic.

Older videos

Here is a talk by me, your webmaster Clive Johnson, about our canal, from February 2021.

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