Restoration of Wendover Canal

This page gives an overview of our Restoration of the Wendover Canal, and the benefits which flow from it. Find out about our considerable progress to date, and our objectives over the coming years. The latest details of our restoration work parties are here .

Wendover Canal Map

Map of the Wendover Canal
Narrow boat under Little Tring Bridge after Phase 1 restoration

Restoration Completed (Phase 1)

Grand Union Canal to Little Tring (1997 to 2005) is the 2km length from Bulbourne to Little Tring. We’ve completed this, which has provided full navigation for narrowboats. We funded the reinstatement of a traditional brick-faced bridge at Little Tring. Fortunately only the last quarter-mile section of canal needed to be restored.

Benefits of Wendover Canal Restoration in Progress (Phase 2)

Overgrown unmanaged hawthorn

Little Tring to Buckland Wharf (2005 to 2025) is the 2.5km centre section.  It used to be almost impassable with 6 metre high hawthorn as shown here. Believe it or not, the muddy mess is not the canal bottom! It’s a 30-year-old picture of the path where you can now all walk much more easily. The canal itself should be in the darkness on the right. This is all now gaining full accessibility, biodiversity and navigation by narrowboats. Below are our recent posts about our Restoration progress.

Bridge 4 ready for rewatering

See how we’re getting on

You can view what we have achieved at any time from the public towpath, above Wilstone Reservoir. There is limited visitor parking in Drayton Beauchamp village (HP22 5LT) although the work is now some distance from here. There is a car park at Wilstone reservoir off Lower Icknield Way (near HP23 4NW).  You may also find roadside parking around Little Tring bridge (near HP23 4NR), but please be very careful. Or plan a walk from further away. Do come and see our volunteers in action restoring the canal and don’t be afraid to stop and make yourselves known.  Any of the lads (and lassies) will be only too pleased to stop work and have a chat to explain what is going on and to answer any questions you may have.

Click here for videos including our Restoration.

Future Wendover Canal Restoration (Phase 3)

Buckland to Wendover (2023 to 2028) is the 6.5km western length from Buckland Wharf to Wendover which will be restored in two phases.

  • Smaller craft such as rowing boats, canoes, kayaks and trail boats (2023-5)
  • Narrowboats to Wendover (2024 to 2030).

The entire 11km length of the canal will also, crucially, include restoration of the towpath in order to maximise usage by pedestrians, runners, cyclists and users of smaller craft. It will also include other attractions to encourage people to visit, learn about the canal’s heritage and enjoy the surrounding environment.

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