We are bringing the Wendover Canal to life

Our volunteers are rebuilding and relining the Wendover Canal.
We continue to attract more people to enjoy our ever-improving green corridor, walking and cycling as well as boating, improving their Well-being. We have already achieved a substantial net gain in Biodiversity, and we remain careful that it increases further.

Major achievements to date include: Funding a rebuilt Little Tring Bridge, re-watering over a mile (1.7km) of canal,
and conserving Heritage e.g. the historic Whitehouses site.
We are planning bringing the missing link of the Wendover Canal to life, by reconnecting the short missing section near Little Tring. This means clearing the Tip, and rebuilding the towpath.

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Excavating ash which prevented us from bringing Wendover Canal to life

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Key Benefits of bringing Wendover Canal to life:


Volunteers bringing Wendover Canal to life

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Biodiversity from bringing the Wendover Canal to life

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Wendover Canal brought to life

Many find that visiting places such as the Wendover Canal enhances their well-being, click here to find out more.


Restored Little Tring Bridge

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