Restoration Working Parties

The Wendover Canal Trust volunteers attend regular restoration working parties managed by our Site Manager Mikk Bradley. We are restoring the Wendover Canal to full navigation, which in turn achieves so much more. Our restoration has achieved considerable Biodiversity Net Gain and continues to do so. Our work also opens access to the canal for people to improve their well-being and enjoy the heritage features.

Next Restoration Working Parties

Restoration working parties are held throughout the year, usually starting on the first Friday of the month, listed below. We need further help for this highly rewarding work; for further information, please contact us at .  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

November: No Work Party
December: Friday 1st for 14 days.

Restoration, working in the canal bed at Bridge 4

The provisional dates for 2024 are provided below:-

January: Friday 5th for 14 daysApril: Friday 5th for 14 daysJuly: Friday 5th for 14 daysOctober: Friday 4th for 14 days
February: Friday 2nd for !4 daysMay: Friday 3rd for 14 daysAugust: Friday 2nd for 14 daysNovember: Friday 1st for 14 days
March: Friday 1st for 14 daysJune: Friday 7th for 14 daysSeptember: Friday 6th for 14 daysDecember: Friday 6th for 14 days

Recent Restoration Progress

We are relining the Wendover Canal from Bridge 4 towards Little Tring. Our most recent monthly reports are in the Latest Posts below. Older reports are on the Library page of this menu, under the appropriate date. Earlier Work Party Newsletters from our then-Restoration Director Roger Leishman are also there.

Tidy Friday Working Parties

Tidy Friday work parties are light work to keep our canal, bridges and towpath looking spick and span and cared for. They are 9am to 2pm on one day each month. The provisional days are below, and come after the main work parties above.

November: Friday 10th.
December: Friday 15th


The provisional dates for 2024 are provided below:-

January: Friday 19thApril: Friday 19th July: Friday 19thOctober: Friday 18th
February: Friday 16thMay: Friday 17thAugust: Friday 16thNovember: Friday 15th
March: Friday 15th June: Friday 21stSeptember: Friday 20thDecember: Friday 20th

Latest Restoration Posts and Reports

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