Proud of our work at Whitehouses

Our restoration of the remains of the pumping station at Whitehouses (between Little Tring and Drayton Beauchamp) is complete. Below are a series of photos; the first from 2008 shows the dereliction we started with, and the second shows our work in 2012 when we stopped it crumbling further. The remainder, taken in the last few months by Steve Bonser, show our work this year to make it safe for future passing boats.

Once the Wendover Canal is joined back up and re-watered, what you see below will help control the water level from Wendover right through to the main line of the Grand Union Canal, and along the GU’s Tring summit level from Marsworth top lock to Cowroast Lock. Excess water will leave the canal here and drop down to Wilstone reservoir, where it will be stored for use in dry spells.

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