Plant Britain, by Wendover Canal

420 trees had been organised from the Woodland Trust before the Plant Britain campaign was advertised. We have replaced dead trees and scrubland with native varieties of whips (small saplings):- Goat Willow, Crab Apple, Hawthorn, Hazel and Downy Birch.

John Reynolds organised the day, with 13 attendees including 3 from IWA Chesham Head Office on a team building event. The enthusiastic team planted the whips in record time, all completed in one day. We were so lucky, the weather was great and planting was in progress when further Covid restrictions were issued which would have interrupted the event again! Our Chairman Chris has recorded a short video message which can be seen below.

Next year, WAT will be ordering a further supply of hedging plants, to fill in around the winding hole and any gaps along the canal’s route.

Your support will be appreciated >>>