Tribute to Clive Wilson

This is a tribute to Clive Wilson, the WCT Treasurer from 2014-21, who died September 1st 2021 aged 78.

We were very grateful when Clive answered our call for a new Treasurer in 2014. Clive was born in Northumberland in 1943 and had a brother & sister. He became an engineer and draughtsman, initially working for the MOD in Salisbury, rode a motor bike, married & divorced and finally settled in Potton, Bedfordshire.

A dedicated family man, he loved architecture and engineering … but his real passion was sport. Clive played Rugby, Golf & Cricket at different stages of life and managed a junior football team. His athletic prowess playing cricket earned him the nickname ‘Clive the Dive’, but his greatest glory was probably playing for Herts Seniors in 200 games and scoring 5000 runs – a magnificent achievement!

Our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.

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