WCT Annual Tree Planting

The local Scouts had offered assistance with our annual planting of trees. These are supplied free of charge to charities to increase biodiversity in their area.

Unfortunately, these are bare root and always supplied in November, so the fact that on leaving home we had to deice the car was not unusual. Coming over Wendover woods hill the vast Aylesbury plain could be seen, decidedly icy.

This did not deter the enthusiastic Scouts, a couple of parents and two Scout Leaders. These with the four WCT volunteers made up the morning’s work party.

After loading the barrows with the tree whips, bark chippings and spades we set off via the Tringford Pumping Station to avoid the dangerous canal bridge.

At the triangle of land alongside the winding hole a quick demonstration of planting was given. and the volunteers soon assumed their roles.

The Scout leaders and WCT volunteers digging the holes, while the scouts rushed around planting the whips and canes.

This was finished off by a hefty boot, to ensure the trees were kept straight and the roots covered. Then the bark chippings were shovelled around to keep the weeds at bay.

The ground was surprisingly soft and everyone made good progress. Two hundred were planted which gave a good covering to this area.

The Scouts were seen admiring the trees from the planting which was completed two years ago. This year’s variety comprised of Blackthorn, Rowan, English Oak, and Silver Birch.

Our task finished we loaded the tools back in the barrows and made our way back to the car park. This morning’s activity for the attending scouts counted towards their Community Service Badge.

We thanked all the Scout volunteers and we hope they will be encouraged to return next year when further hedging will be required along the canal.

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