Gradual Re-watering, 4a to 4

Great news, on Saturday 27th November 2021 we started the gradual re-watering of the section of the Wendover Canal from Bridge 4a to 4 (the wooden footbridges). The Wendover Canal Trust volunteers restored this between 2015 and 2020 and are already busy on the next section.

This is only the beginning of an extended process. First we have re-watered this section at a low height, then it will be sealed to test if it leaks (which it certainly shouldn’t). Then we will raise the water to the same level as the rest of the canal to Wendover, seal it, and test for leakage again.

Very limited parking meant that we were unable to invite more people; instead, we used it as a thank you and celebration for our volunteers. We plan a formal re-opening next Spring. Below are 3 photos immediately before and after the dam at Bridge 4a was breached, and also a video.

Come and see how it’s progressing, and if you like what you see, please consider donating to help us finish the job.

Your support will be appreciated >>>