Temporary Closure Wendover Canal

WCT are providing notification of a CRT Temporary Closure of a section of the Wendover Canal.

Responsibility for this section was handed back to CRT in 2005.
For some time there has been water arising in the land below our Phase 1 restoration between the Little Tring stop lock and the winding hole. 

Tests by CRT have so far been unsuccessful in proving where the water is coming from, or even confirming that it is canal water rather than ground water.

CRT have now had to install stop-planks in the stop-lock at Little Tring, so that the water level between the stop lock and the winding hole can be slowly lowered to help trace where the water is coming from.

The work will take some time and CRT have not quoted an end date.

WCT support CRT’s action in doing this, because it is the best way forward. 
Unfortunately, while this is done, that means that the Wendover Canal reverts to its situation before 2005

Any boat entering the Wendover Canal can only turn if they are short enough to turn at the entrance to the Tring feeder; and since this location will not have been used much since 2005, it is likely to be more silted up than it used to be, further restricting the length of boats which can turn. 

Question – Is it Closed to boats? 
Not exactly.  The winding hole at the end of the navigation is unreachable behind stop planks, but certain boats may still cruise the Canal/Arm.
If your boat is less than 50 feet long, you can probably wind where the Tring Feeder joins the canal, after the flour mill at New Mill (about 75 yards after bridge 2).
In the past, boats up to 60 feet successfully winded here, but with reduced use the junction has probably silted up.
If your boat is less than 29 feet long, you can wind it with care immediately outside the Pumping Station at Little Tring.
NOTE: Both of these locations are not officially recognised winding holes. You use them at your own risk !!!
Of course, you can always use the old boater’s trick of cruising the Canal with another boat, with one towing the other backwards. 
To return to Bulbourne, boats swap so the ‘tug’ becomes the ‘towee’.

Question – Is it Closed to walkers, cyclists, etc using the towpath? 
No. The towpath remains accessible as before (there is a diversion at Little Tring)

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