Membership Subscription Changes

The Wendover Canal Trust is making changes to its membership subscription. With effect from 1st April, 2022 revised rates will apply to new and recurring WCT membership subscriptions. These rates will apply to existing memberships at the time of renewal, and for all new memberships. If you don’t already use direct debit, please consider changing using our online system. This is the easiest method for our Membership Secretary and so we are offering a slightly lower rate. If you have Life or Honorary Membership, your membership is not affected, and this message is for your information only.

Subscription levels were last reviewed 10 years ago, and many cost changes have occurred since then both to the restoration work and to the routine management of the Trust. It is regretted that the increase is necessary, and every effort has been made to limit the increases. Consequently, changes to membership subscriptions reflect only a portion of the increases in costs. The next Fee Structure will be routinely reviewed in three years’ time.

Membership Type            2021 Fee            2022 Fee2022 Fee for D/Debit
1 Year individual£10.00            £15.00            £14.00
5 year individual£40.00            £60.00            n/a
Life individual£150.00            £225.00            n/a
1 Year family£15.00            £22.50            £21.00
5 Year family£60.00            £90.00            n/a
Life family£250.00            £375.00            n/a
1 Year Corporate£25.00            £37.50            n/a
5 Year Corporate£100.00            £150.00            n/a

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