CRT Dredging to improve water flow

Good news – the first 4 pictures below show CRT’s dredging of the Wendover Canal on Friday 28/9/2018 near Stablebridge Road, Aston Clinton.  This is in the unnavigable but in-water section of the arm, down which the water from Wendover must flow to reach the reservoirs, pump and main line.
This appears to be much more thorough than the weed-cutting which has taken place in previous winters, and should ensure a good supply of Wendover water over this winter for next year.
Further dredging was in progress on Wednesday 3/10, around Buckland and Drayton Beauchamp with a smaller machine.  Steve Bonser took these next two, showing how the mud was moved by water to an adjacent field.
The final 2 pairs show the massive improvement made, well done CRT!

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