Brick and block work, we need volunteers!

This is a call for brick and block work volunteers, please email if you can help.  We have been able to start work on the walls at Bridge 4 including where the stop plank channels are mounted.  The block work is done but the brick work still needs to be finished. We have volunteers on site but they need some help.

We have now excavated at Whitehouses and concreted the foundations for the wing walls. The next task is to raise a block-work wall and face it with heritage bricks with Lime mortar. We need people with experience of this kind of work to push on before the wet weather returns.  We are working on-site for a further week to Thursday August 20th.  It may be possible to work beyond the 20th August because all the materials etc. will be to hand.  The next work party will start on Friday September 4th and again that could be extended for block/brick work.

Your support will be appreciated >>>