April 2021, Work Re-started

Our volunteer work has re-started on the Wendover Canal! Among the many achievements is the installation of stop-planks at Bridge 4 (picture, Steve Bonser). These form a temporary dam, ready to re-water between the two wooden foot-bridges 4a and 4, later this year. The second picture is our extra-large 13 tonne hired excavator just after it broke up a concrete pad (picture, Tony Borrill). The concrete pad was in our way, on top of the Tip near Little Tring which will be excavated this summer. We created the pad a few years back as a place to cut up the Bentomat we use to line the canal.

The last 3 pictures by Steve Bonser show progress on the Little Tring side of Bridge 4. We’ve progressed from a muddy mess with a site hut in the way, to the start of the “pipe-capping”. (Pipe capping is the slab we have to cast in the bed of the canal to protect the old pipeline.)

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