Yearly Archives: 2019

October 2019 Family Camp

Thirteen children and guardians arrived on Friday 25th evening at Green Park with the purpose of beautifying the new parkland alongside Whitehouses.  Next morning the weather was not looking good, but the planting of the 2000 snowdrop bulbs started. The bonfire was lit to consume the branches left from the recent adult work party.Sunday proved […]

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August 2019 – Strengthening and Top-soiling

August 2019’s 2-week work party:  1) Strengthened in front of the Bridge 4 mooring wall; 2) Top-soil on the excavated material beyond Whitehouses, so that it can be incorporated into the field which the County Council leases to the local farmer; plus 3) further excavation.  Pictures by Chris Sargeant and Steve Bonser. Tony’s monthly report […]

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2019 June – Lining reaches Bridge 4

During our June work party, lining and blocking has reached Bridge 4, as shown in the pictures on the right, thanks to Steve Bonser. Tony’s monthly report is below.We have also recently been sent a link to a beautiful video produced by one of our supporters, showing the restored arm between Drayton Beauchamp and Bridge […]

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