Snowy start to February 2019

I thought it might be too snowy and icy to work at the beginning of February – but we managed it, and here are Steve Bonser’s pictures to show it.  The first 3 pictures were taken on Friday 1st Feb, the next 2 on Sunday 3rd by which time it was still slippery and cold but less snowy.

By the end of the week Spring was starting to appear on the Arm.  The Tidy Friday group were out working in the rain, but were warmed by a large bonfire of tree roots. The area beside the mooring bay on the Whitehouses side of Bridge 4, has now been cleared of the old and dead Elder trees. This area will be used temporarily for the workers’ shelter, therefore leaving the Whitehouses site clearer for future landscaping. The future plans for this area are a walk to the Whitehouses site from Bridge 4, the winding path having been laid some time ago. Roger’s bi-monthly work party news is also below.

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