January 2021 Operations Report

The report is below, but before you read it, Tony would like to ask you: People have lots of skills that we don’t know about until they come forward to help with a particular problem or task.  Please would you let me know (tony.bardwell@wendoverarmtrust.co.uk) if you have any skills or experience that you would like to offer to help out?  We currently have a lot going on in the background and we are constantly looking for people who can contribute without working on site.  If I had a list of volunteers with their various skills I could make contact with appropriate people to discuss how they may be able to help.  Typical things we need are:- help with analysing contract terms and conditions, First aid training, advice on planning matters, mechanical stress calculations, engineering drawings and so on.  I don’t know what will come up next and it would be handy to know where our experts are!

Your support will be appreciated >>>